Thursday, December 13, 2018
ਤਾਜ਼ੀਆਂ ਖ਼ਬਰਾਂ

Cultural bonanza during Program on Mother Tongue at KCE


Amritsar, 21 February (Jasbir Singh Saggu)- A colourful cultural program at Khalsa College of Education (KCE) today marked the international `mother tongue’ day, here today. The students presented a cultural bonanza of dance, singing and power point folk presentation on the evolution and challenges before Punjabi as a language atytrcated huge applauds from the large gathering on the occasion. Apart from the traditional folk songs and dance, the presentation, choreographed by Marcas Paul and Gurmel Shamnagar particularly attracted appreciation as the story and song brought forth development of Punjabi since the times of Gurus and its present critical status. Chief guest on the occasion, former vice chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University Dr.SP Singh quoted a UNESCO report that if steps were not taken Punjabi as a language might eclipse from the globe. Dr.Singh however said that we need not to be disappointed over the report as Punjabi as a language on the globe was progressing which is evident that it is the second official language in some provinces in Canada and even in Singapore. He said the `saviours’ of Punjabi language were alert and it will continue to progress. KCE Principal Dr.Jaswinder Singh Dhillon welcomed guests and said that aim of the program was to highlight the importance of language as we can express ourselves best in mother tongue itself. The dignitaries also released two new books `Goongi Cheekh’ and `Oathe’ written by young women writers Simranjot Mann and Raaz Kaur subsequently. Dr.Dhillon said the new books were proof that the `good work’ on the language was on and the Punjabi as a language has a great future. Other present during the program included Voice of Amritsar Chief Coordinator Ritu Arora, Principal of Khalsa College Senior Secondary School Nirmal Singh Bhangyu, Vice Principal Dr.Harpreet Kaur, teachers and students.

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