Monday, January 21, 2019
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CKD – Bhai Ghanaiya Mission join hands to ensure recognition for the legendary Sikh Missionary

Students to be acquainted with Bhai Ghanaiya’s legacy of service

Amritsar, May 14 (Punjab Post Bureau) – Chief Khalsa Diwan (CKD) has decided to pay a befitting tribute to the legendary Sikh Missionary Bhai Ghanaiya (a disciple of Guru Teg Bahadur, who was called upon to establish the Sevapanthi order of the Sikhs by Guru Gobind Singh) by acquainting students with his philanthropic legacy to mark the tri century celebration to be held on September 2018. The Charitable organization has joined hands for this purpose with the Bhai Ghanaiya Mission to host a series of events for this purpose in August-September 2018, to honor and propagate the missionary’s humanitarian work among the masses, particularly the Sikh youth. In keeping with this aim, Dr. Santosh Singh president CKD said that professionally trained nurses would impart training in First Aid to students in all CKD educational institutions in the region, During this year seminars, workshops and essay writing contests would also be held to commemorate Bhai Ghanaiya’s legacy in the month of August this year, to mark the tricentenary celebrations of his birth.

Dr. Santosh Singh announced that to propagate Bhai Ghanaiya’s legacy throughout Punjab, India and internationally, a three-member committee comprising Prof. Balwinder Singh, President Bhai Ghanaiya Mission, Ravinder Singh Robin and Mr Narinder Singh Khurana has been assigned the task of taking up the matter with the Punjab Government and Central Government.

The CKD also proposes to pass a resolution in this regard soon. The Indian Red Cross Society would also be approached to ensure that Bhai Ghaniaya’s legacy is also highlighted alongside that of Henry Dunant’s, a Swiss businessman and social activist, the founder of the Red Cross in eighteenth century . In a joint statement issued to the press here today the office bearers of both CKD and Bhai Ghanaiya Mission, said that while Dunant emerged on the humanitarian scene during 1863 , Bhai Ghanaiya’s legacy is much older and noteworthy, particularly in the Indian context. “While Bhai Ghanaiya is a known name in the Sikh circles, the rest of the world knows little about his legacy. It is our aim to acquaint the whole world with the good work that he had been doing across the battle fields of Punjab ages,” they said. “Professionally trained nurses would be invited to impart first aid training to students in all CKD institutions,” said Dr Santokh Singh, President, CKD. Meanwhile, discussions on setting up a Cancer Care Hospital in Amritsar with the Tata Group are also underway informed Narinder Singh Kurana, honorary Secretary of CKD during the meeting of office barriers of CKD.

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