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Meeting held with Residential Welfare Associations & Market Associations

PPN1306201809Amritsar, June 13 (Punjab Post Bureau) – In a move to further engage and deliver quality projects a meeting with Residential Welfare Associations & Market Associations was organized by Amritsar Smart City Ltd. on Wednesday the 13th of June 2018. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Deepti Uppal (IAS) CEO Amritsar Smart City Ltd. along with Team Leader Col. Manu Chaudhary, Prof. Balvinder Singh Advisor ASCL, Mr. Amit Kumar Singh Sr. Designer and their team.

CEO Ms Deepti Uppal mentioned regarding various projects that are undertaken by ASCL and future projects that are in the pipeline. She further mentioned that she has been meeting internal and external agencies at her office for inputs and decisions regarding projects implementation.

To get the feedback and suggestion from public and various groups of the society, this meeting was organized. The representatives of Major Residential Welfare Associations & Market Associations were present there and they shared their views and thoughts about smarty city projects. Few members showed worry about the present situation of the city’s cleanliness, sewage System, carelessness of citizens about even newly constructed building and places. They all were happy that the authorities given importance to their inputs and suggestion about the development of their city. 

The CEO was of the opinion to have more citizen engagement through meetings, interaction sessions, social media and other means. To sum up, CEO said that more speed and delivery should take place since most of the projects have been planned and conceived.

These members of various associations given surety that they will are always with Amritsar Smart City Ltd right from planning to development and implementation of projects but they all want to see their holy city grow and glow.  

Mr. Rajiv Gulati and Sanjiv Mrhra from Gobind Park, Basant Avenue, Mr. Tarundeep Singh Ghuman president of Rani Ka Bagh association, Balbir Singh Nagra president and B.S. Sohal of Guru Amardas Association, Mr. Deepak Babbar from Friends View, Nirmal Singh Bedi from Chhehrta association, Mrs Prabhjot Kaur from district Library, pawan Kumar Sareen from Katra Jaimal Singh Association, Baaldev Singh from Pink Plaza Market association, Suresh Kumar from Chhehrta etc were present in meeting.


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