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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
ਤਾਜ਼ੀਆਂ ਖ਼ਬਰਾਂ

Lohri gift – 5178 teachers will be regularized from next month on full pay

Sikhiya provider and volunteer teachers to get pay hike of Rs. 1500 per month

Amritsar, Jan. 13 (Punjab Post Bureau) – O.P Soni ( Education and Food processing Minister) congratulated entire PUNJ1301201912teaching fraternity on the festival of Lohri and Janam Dihara of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji and announced the regularization of 5178 teachers  from next month on full pay scale as Lohri  bonanza. Today, at his residence, in a press address, Mr. Soni stated that govt. has been putting all sincere efforts in uplifting educational standards in the state and to achieve this goal, regularization of teachers is in process so that they can teach the students sincerely.

Mr. Soni told that ‘ Sikhiya Providers’ and “volunteer teachers”  will get a pay hike of Rs.1500 from next month. The teachers who faced suspension during union protests have been re-instated and the teachers who were temporarily adjusted to distant places have been ordered to join at their parent station. Their previous orders have been cancelled. He also added that no promise of salary hike has been done in any video or audio as EM by him. This is the decision of Punjab cabinet.

Mr. Soni emphasized that due to less time left in the annual examination of schools, the teachers should take the onus of teaching and doing the revision of syllabus in the schools. He warned all the employees who neglect their duty and become a part of protests and rallies would not be spared and would face stringent action. And on the very contrary , the teachers who will whole- heartedly and with dedication perform their duty , would be honored on the eve of Republic Day i.e 26th of January. These teachers will also be made to interact and receive appreciation from chief minister of Punjab.

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