Saturday, March 25, 2023

GNDU participated in 77th United Nations General Assembly Science Summit (UNGA77) in New York

Vice Chancellor Prof. Sandhu chaired a Virtual session in 77th UN General Assembly Science Summit

Amritsar, 21 September (Punjab Post Bureau) – Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu,Vice-Chancellor chaired and interacted with the panel of experts in the session on “India’s Innovation System and Sustainable Development: Contemporary Challenges and Way Forward for Inter-linking evolutionary actors, organizations and institutions” of 77th United Nations General Assembly Science Summit (UNGA77). The Guru Nanak Dev University participated in this 77th United Nations General Assembly Science Summit for the first time.

Dr. Swati Mehta, Assistant Professor, Punjab School of Economics of Guru Nanak Dev University is the convener of four sessions from India along with colleagues from South Africa and Europe. The central theme of this year’s summit is “Inclusive Science” with the aim to promote more extensive science collaborations between less developed and developed nations, including tacking global challenges through collaborative science.

Renowned Indian economist, Prof. Nagesh Kumar, Director and Chief Executive, Institute of Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) and Prof. Nirvikar Singh, Distinguished Professor of Economics, University of California, Santa Cruz presented their talk in the session. The two hours session focused on different component of Indian Innovation System in the present era of globalization, post pandemic times and in the midst of fourth Industrial Revolution, that provides both opportunities and challenges for India in the path of greater sustainability, inclusiveness and self-reliance. GNDU emphasized about India’s oldest civilization, beautiful architectural heritage, stronger philosophical foundations, astronomical advances, mathematical acumen and scientific temperament of ancient and modern times.

Other sessions are “South- South and North-South Cooperation for Innovation”, “Production across borders for Consumers across borders” and “Transformative Innovation Policy and SDGs”. These sessions will prepare inputs for the United Nations “Summit of the Future”, which will take place during UNGA 78 beginning in September 2023.

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