Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Seminar on Women Empowerment “National Women Day”

Amritsar, 17 February (Punjab Post Bureau) – NCC Wing in collaboration with Alumni Cell on the occasion of “National Women Day” organized a guest lecturer and Poster Making Competition on “Women Empowerment”. Pooja Gill, a Khalsa College for Women (KCW) proud alumni and who is also young successful businesswomen and a social worker was a resource person. The guest lecture was specially organized for the NCC cadets.

Principal Dr. Surinder Kaur She explained that empowering the woman starts from own home. She spoke about the importance of our culture, family values and the self-respect that a woman should possess and also about the respect that a woman should give for the society, family members and others. She highlighted that the key to women empowerment is economic independence and unconditional family support. The lecture was effective and the cadets were highly satisfied and enthused at the end of this informative session. The cadets felt quite confident and enlightened after the lecture. The vote of thanks was delivered by NCC coordinator Dr. Jaswinder Singh.

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