Wednesday, April 17, 2024

BBK DAV College Women organizes Book Exhibition ‘Explore the World in Words’

Amritsar Mahatma Hansraj Library of BBK DAV College for Women organised a one-day book exhibition titled “Explore Worlds in Words… A Book Exhibition to Inspire. “The exhibition was inaugurated by Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia.

The exhibition featured renowned bookstores and publishers of Amritsar namely, National Book Distributors, Sachal Parkashan Rajat Book Depot, Adab Parkashanand Kasturi Lal & Sons showcasing a diverse array of books ranging from course materials to history, mythology, self-help, competitive exam preparation and fiction. A large number of studentsas well as faculty members from various departments of the college attended the exhibition with zeal.

Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia emphasized the importance of such initiatives in fostering a reading culture among students in this digital era. She further said that books enhance one’s creative ability and help in understanding the world better.

The college librarian Swati Dutta, said that the main purpose of organising a book exhibition is to enrich the young minds and also give them access to a larger collection of books. Ms. Kiran Gupta Dean Admissions, Dr. Simardeep  Dean Academics, Ms. Kamayani Dean, Discipline and Student Council were also present during the event


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