Monday, June 24, 2024

Courses for self-employment started at Guru Nanak Dev University

Amritsar, May 19 (Punjab Post Bureau) – The Lifelong Learning Department of Guru Nanak Dev University has started the six months certificate and one year diploma courses for the purpose of self-employment.

                Director of the department said that in the category of six-month certificate courses, the certificate course includes web designing, web development, computer basic concepts, programming language in C & C++, Nanny, diet and nutrition, dress designing, textile designing, beauty culture, beauty Culture (Session Evening for Boys), Communication Skills in English. In one year Diploma Courses category includes Diploma in Fashion Designing, Fashion and Textile Designing, Certificate Course in Apparel Designing, Diploma Course in Cosmetology, Computer Application, Graphic and Web Designing, Web Designing and Development and Diploma in Multimedia. Candidates who wish to took admission in these courses can fill the online admission form on the website of Guru Nanak Dev University at

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