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SGPC President takes strict notice of anti-Sikh incidents in UP & Rajasthan

Amritsar, July 22 (Punjab Post Bureau) – Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee President Advocate Harjinder Singh has appealed to the Sikhs living in different states of India to organise to stop the excesses being committed against the community in the country.

                  Taking cognizance of stopping Sikh students from wearing Dastar (turban) and Kirpan (sword) by Saint Francis Convent School in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and assault and chopping of Kes (hair) of a former granthi (priest) of Milkpur village in Alwar district of Rajasthan, SGPC President said that such “discriminations are being done deliberately with the Sikhs, while the role of governments is also not transparent”.

                 He said that despite being a minority, more than 80 per cent sacrifices are made by the Sikhs for the freedom of the country and culture of the country is intact because of Sikhs. “But sadly, discrimination is being done against Sikhs in country (India)”, said Harjinder Singh.

                    Notably, a school in Bareilly (UP) prohibited wearing Kakaars (symbols of belief) causing protest in Sikh Sangat (community) and a Sikh was assaulted and his hair were chopped off in Rajasthan on Thursday.

                Harjinder Singh said that the accused people of both these incidents should be strictly punished and the SGPC at its own level will get investigations conducted into these matters.

                 SGPC President demanded from Rajasthan and UP Governments that strict action should be taken against accused people in both these cases and they should be brought to book, so that no one dares to do this in future.

              “I appeal to Sikhs living across the country to come together and organise to firmly raise voice against people who are doing discrimination against Sikhs and urge the administration at the local level to take action”, said Harjinder Singh.

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