Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Success of Chandrayan-3 celebrated by the Department of Chemistry Gndu

Amritsar, September 6 (Punjab Post Bureau) – Chemical Society, Department of Chemistry Guru Nanak Dev University organized an event on the occasion of Teachers’ Day to celebrate the success of Chandrayaan-3. Over 200 participants including students, Faculty members, research scholars, and non-teaching staff participated in the program. Rangoli competition and Poster-making competition were organized on the theme “Success of Chandrayaan-3”. Prof. Sukhprit Singh, Head of the Department addressed the students about the importance of the day. Ishika Bains a final year bachelor’s student gave a presentation on the above-mentioned theme where she discussed the importance of this mission and various initiatives taken by ISRO in previous years. After this, a cake-cutting ceremony was done by teachers and students of the department to mark the occasion of Teachers Day. The participants were served refreshments. The function ended with declaration of results of various competitions and a thank you note.

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