Monday, June 24, 2024

Dav Public School Students bring Laurels to School

Amritsar, May 8 (Punjab Post Bureau) – Dav Public School Lawrence Road exhilaratingly announces that the


exceptional performance of the students earned the overall Winners Running Trophy for the school in The Psyche Summit organised by The Stalwart World School on 6th May 2024, wherein 23 Schools participated in 5 competitions.

Principal Dr. Pallavi Sethi Students of our school from Classes X to XII won awards in the following categories:

Poetry – Ist Position  was awarded to Yanya Bajaj (+2 Arts) and Shivya Grover (+2 Com.) bagged 3rd position.

Poster Making – Sarvi Shoor  (X -E) earned 2nd position

Stand-Up Comedy – Daksh  (X – J) & Harshit( X – C) secured 3rd  position

Ad-Mad Show – Deekshash & Disha Mittal (+1 com) , Prisha Gujral & Bhavya Aggarwal (+2 Arts) bagged

Consolation (IVth)

Debate – Guruta Nandan, Medha Uppal  , Sukhmanseerat (+2 Arts) & Aadhya Kapoor  (X – I ) won

consolation ( IVth).

Regional Officer Punjab Zone (A) Dr. Neelam Kamra and the Manager of the School Dr. Pushpinder Walia applauded the efforts of the talented students and blessed them for all future endeavours.

Principal Dr. Pallavi Sethi radiated joy and pride as she warmly acknowledged this great achievement, reflecting the school’s commitment to nurture excellence in all aspects.

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