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Yoga institutes and gymnasiums to open today, DC issues detailed guidelines

Spa, steam bath, swimimng pools, sauna to remain closed

Kapurthala , August 4 (Punjab Post Bureau) – Deputy commissioner kapurthala Deepti Uppal has said that all the yoga institutes and gymnasiums would be allowed to open from 5th August as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) announced by the Punjab Government.

                 Issuing the detailed guidelines, Deputy Commissioner has made it clear that the owners of yoga institutes and gymnasiums would have to ensure the implementation of guidelines issued by the health authorities.

               She said that special teams of civil and police officials have been constituted to ensure the compliance of instructions by the owners of gyms.

             She said that minimize physical contact between all the staff members and visitors  and maintain atleast 6 feet social distance.

              She also made it claer that all Yoga Institutes and Gymnasiums in Containment Zones shall continue to remain shut.

               Besides that the advisory have been issued for the Persons above 65 years of age, person with co-morbidity, pregnant woman and children below the age of 10 years not to use gyms in closed spaces.

               She also said that use of face masks would be mandatory at all times. However, during yoga exercise or exercising in gymnasiums, as far as possible only a visor may be used.

              Before opening the gymnasiums and yoga institutes, their managements would calculate the capacity of the place based on criteria of 4 sq. metre i.e. about 40 sq. feet per person, for example, if the size of the exercise room is 1,000 sq. feet. Then not more than 25 people would be permitted at one time.

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