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Vikramjit Sahney writes to PM – inscriptions in Jallianwala bagh should be in Punjabi also

Amritsar, 24 August (Punjab Post Bureau) – Vikramjit Singh Sahney Member Rajya Sabha paid homage at Jalianwala Bagh where thousands of Punjabis lost their lives during 1919 by the indiscri­minate firing by Gen Dyer. But Mr. Sahney expressed the disappointment for the facade of Jallianwala Bagh is covered by the iron sheets hiding the entrance to the Bagh and narrow passa­ge leading to the Bagh from where Gen. Dyer entered with the forces had nanak sh­ahi bricks which now have been plastered. Sahney said that we must conserve our heritage in the fo­rm it existed and sh­ould not change the historic entrance of the monu­ment.

                 Vikram Sahney requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi and members of Jallianwala Bagh Trust to appoint a Committee of experts to restore the heritage of Jallianwala Bagh. He further added that a small burji which was remembrance of the site from where Gen. Dyer ordered the firing have be­en destroyed and a marble plaque has been put instead which is not visible to many visitors.

                 Sahney said that “it is ironical to see that all the qu­otations of the freedom fighters in the Bagh are written in English and Hindi. He suggested that they should be as well written in Punjabi also so that more peo­ple can read it”.

                 He also said that the Amar Jawan Jyoti which was in the cent­re of the Bagh has been shifted to one corner. Vikram Sahney also appealed that the huge money in form of currency notes and coins thro­wn in the deadly well where hundreds of women jumped shou­ld be collected in a donation box and the money should be spent for the education of poor girls.

                  Sahney hoped that Hon’ble Prime Min­ister will look into the suggestions and will constitute a Comprehensive Committee to rectify these discrepancies at the earliest.

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