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2500-3000 stipends given to disabled children from 1st to 12th standard – D.C

Financial assistance of Rs 8000 per month to women victims of acid attack

Amritsar, June 1(Punjab Post Bureau) – The disabled are an integral part of the society, the state government is committed to take special measures for their welfare.

Giving more information in this regard, Deputy Commissioner Mr. Amit Talwar said that benefits are being given under different schemes to help the disabled under the Department of Social Security and Women and Child Development of the Punjab Government. He said that 2500/- to 3000/- annual stipend is being given to disabled students from 1st class to 12th class with the support of education department and guardianship of different categories of disabled students by local level committee under National Trust Act scheme. It is given to the family members of the parents. Under this scheme, insurance is provided under the Nirmya Health Insurance Scheme with the support of NGOs.

The Deputy Commissioner said that UDI Card is created with the help of Health Department by filling necessary information on the portal of the Government of India and with the help of this card, various services related to the interests of the disabled can be done. – Benefits of various schemes are given.

Mr. Talwar said that the Punjab government has waived the bus fare to the visually impaired, while half the fare has been waived to the other disabled and under various schemes, the registered non-governmental organizations of the district have given the bus fare to the disabled, such as Grants are also given for running schools for blind, mentally retarded, hearing and speech-impaired children. He said that under the pension scheme of the state government, financial assistance of Rs. 1500/- per month is given to persons with more than 50% physical disabilities.

The Deputy Commissioner said that under the Assistance to disable person purchase/fitting of aid appliances scheme, good quality artificial limbs and assistive devices are provided to disabled persons through voluntary organizations and support (Half-Way-Home) homes for mentally challenged patients in the district. being run He said that under the acid attack scheme of the Punjab government, monthly financial assistance of Rs.8000/- is given to acid victim women and to get any information regarding the said schemes, contact the office of the District Social Security Officer, Amritsar on any working day.


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