Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Teachers Day observed at KCET

 Amritsar, September 6 (Punjab Post Bureau) – To commemorate the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radha krishnan, the country’s former President, scholar, philosopher and to acknowledge contributions of teachers to the society ‘Teachers Day’ was observed at Khalsa College of engineering and Technology (KCET) Ranjit Avenue. A Free Eye Donation Awareness Camp was held in association with Dr. Shakeen’s Eye and Dental Hospital.

Dr. Manju Bala Director KCET said that eyes are windows to the soul and play fundamental role in our lives. She said that there can be no noble cause than helping someone to see who wishes to see the world and has been deprived since birth. She said that with this one can enlighten the life of two blind persons. She welcomed the resource person Dr. Shakeen Singh.

Dr. Shakeen while addressing the faculty, staff and students guided about the procedure and formalities of eye donation. He said that this simple gesture of an individual can allow someone to come out of darkness and step into life of colours. Amongst the faculty members and staff  Dr. Manju Bala (Director), Dr. Ripin Kohli and Dr. Maalti Puri pledged to donate the eyes. Dr. Bala while presenting a token of gratitude to Dr. Shakeen said that Teacher community is to serve the society and one should always be ready and eager to do so. She said that this small action can give someone happiness of lifetime.

Later, there was an expert talk on “How India has transformed from 2G to 5G” by Jio Officials and KCET was declared Jio TRUE 5G Campus. Whole day students were enthusiastically participating in various activities and expressing gratitude to their teachers.






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