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Guru Nanak Dev University gets ‘ 5G Use Case Lab

Announced by Prime Minister of India at the 7th India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2023

Amritsar, October 30 (Punjab Post Bureau) – A 5G use case lab equipped with state-of-the-art facilities is going to be established by the Ministry of Tele communications, Govt. of India in Guru Nanak Dev University, which was announced by the honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during the 7th India Mobile Congress (IMC 2023) held in New Delhi yesterday

Professor Dr. Jaspal Singh Sandhu Vice-Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University welcomed the decision and thanked the honourable Prime Minister of India on this occasion. Talking to reporters, he said that the aim of the 100 5G Labs Initiative across the country is to develop 5G applications to boost innovation in socio-economic sectors. This is an important step towards building a 6G ecosystem in the country. In India Mobile Congress, a large number of Guru Nanak Dev University teachers and students participated through video conferencing.

Dr. Ravinder Kumar head of the Department of Electronics Technology, who participated in IMC 2023 New Delhi, said that the goal of strengthening India’s position as a developer, manufacturer and exporter of cutting-edge technologies is set by the Prime Minister, and Guru Nanak Dev University will make its important contribution to accomplish this goal. He said that with the establishment of this lab, the constructive and efficient works of Guru Nanak Dev University have been recognized. While thanking the Vice-Chancellor for his continuous support and guidance to get this lab, he said that the university will work tirelessly to fulfil the goal set by Govt. of India.

Giving more information about this lab, he said that the Prime Minister has announced to provide 5G Use Case Labs to 100 excellent academic institutions across the country. It will be developed at Guru Nanak Dev University under the ‘5G Labs Initiative’ of Govt. of India. The ‘5G Lab Initiative’ is a successful effort to realize the opportunities associated with 5G technology by encouraging the development of 5G applications that will meet the unique needs of India as well as global demands. This unique initiative will boost innovation in various socio-economic sectors like education, agriculture, health, power, transport and steer the country forward in the use of 5G technologies. This initiative is also an important step towards building a 6- G-ready academic and start-up ecosystem in the country. It is also a step towards the development of indigenous telecommunication technology, which is also important for national security. Its establishment in Guru Nanak Dev University will benefit the entire region.

It is worth mentioning that India Mobile Congress (IMC) is Asia’s largest telecom, media and technology forum. The forum serves as a platform to highlight India’s unparalleled progress in telecom and technology, make important announcements and provide start-ups with an opportunity to showcase their innovative products and solutions. Themed with ‘Global Digital Innovation’, the aim of IMC 2023 is to strengthen India’s position as a developer, manufacturer and exporter of advanced technologies and to promote futuristic technologies like 5G, 6G, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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