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IRTE & LEA Associates offer jobs to GNDU students

 Amritsar, June 27 (Punjab Post Bureau) – The Directorate of Placement & Career Enhancement of Guru Nanak Dev University organized Campus Placement drives by two companies for the Under Graduate and Post Graduate students of Guru Ram Dass School of Planning of the University.

The first placement drive was conducted by Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), Faridabad. About 22 students appeared for interviews and finally 4 students were offered jobs by the company at a salary package of Rs. 4.80 Lakhs per annum. IRTE came especially for recruitment for its academic & research activities for road safety, traffic engineering and traffic management. It is going to start a new program MBA in Traffic Management, for which the students have been selected as teaching faculties.

In another placement drive conducted by LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd. for the students of Guru Ram Dass School of Planning, by this 10 students have been shortlisted for the positions of Urban Planner and Transport Planner selected by the company at a salary package of Rs. 4.8 Lakhs per annum.

Two more companies namine Yashi Consultancy Company Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur and Studio Urbanlinq LLP, Lucknow have conducted the interviews and their results are awaited.

Dr. Ashwani Luthra Professor & Head Guru Ram Dass School of Planning said that we train the students as per the demand of the corporate and the public sector agencies. Recently, five of its alumni have been recruited in the Town and Country Planning Departments of Government of Haryana.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Jaspal Singh Sandhu congratulated the students and faculty members for selection of the students in various companies. Dean Academic Affairs Dr. Palwinder Singh and Registrar Dr. K.S Kahlon also congratulated the students for this great success. Dr. Amit Chopra, Director said that GNDU is one of the favourite institutes of Northern India among the leading national and multinational companies to hire the students in big numbers. He further added that students from different faculties like Engineering, Economics & Business, Sciences and Life Sciences are getting job offers from various national and multinational companies.


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