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Amandeep Hospital treated- Jammu Patient detected with rare cancer  


Amritsar August 20 (Punjab Post Bureau)-Even as incidence of cancers have risen and much awareness is spread about its prevention in certain ways like anti tobacco campaigns, cancer still remains the most fearful disease that has gripped humankind. While some cancers are common and can be managed and patient cured of the disease, some cancers are rare and hard to detect. If detected they are difficult to manage as no precedence is available to follow the procedure. Amandeep Hospital recently encountered a rare case of cancer called ‘Lymphoma of the Bone’.

“ Kaali Singh a 35- year old patient from Jammu working with a tent house came to Amritsar’s Amandeep hospital in January this year with a swollen leg and was detected with the rare ‘Lymphoma of the Bone’ cancer after his biopsy. The cancerous tumour is very aggressive and can occur in any part of the body with the first signs being a rapidly growing mass with occurrence of fever, weight loss and night sweats” stated Amandeep Hospital’s  Inconologist and head of the medical team Dr Dilraj Kaur Kahlon . “This was the first case I have seen a person with ‘Lymphoma of the bone’ in the last 6-years of practice in the hospital”, she added. Quoting medical records the hospital’s director Dr Amandeep stated–“Only 7-8 patients in 100,000 per year are effected by the disease that primarily occurs in older individuals at approximately 70 years of age. However in children and young adults the occurrence is very rare.”

“Kaali was suffering from uncommon type of Lymphoma i.e Lymphoma of Bone. Lymphoma is usually a disease which effects or starts from lymph nodes which are the immune system of body, but in this case the origin of lymphoma was from thigh bone. That is reason that it was labeled as uncommon.”  The patient had to undergo six cycles of Chemotherapy followed by Radio Therapy and was able to recover without the amputation of the limb. The Hospital’s Cancer department team included specialists of Pediatric cancer, Head & Neck cancer, Bone cancer, Abdominal & Breast Cancer and Brain & Spine cancer. Dr.  Kaur stated that Kaali Singh was in a comfortable condition and is free from cancer.


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