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DAV Public School observes ‘Martyrs Day’

 Amritsar, January 30 (Punjab Post Bureau) – To commemorate the death anniversary of the  great freedom fighter and  Father of the Nation, Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi, the students of DAV Public School, Lawrence Road conducted a special assembly. Gandhi ji was an Indian activist who played an important role during the independence movement. He was internationally esteemed for his doctrine of non– violent protest to achieve political and social progress. On this day in 1948 Gandhi ji took his last breath in the Birla House during evening prayers, sending the entire nation into grief.

Students spoke about the inspiring life of Gandhi ji and remembered his contribution to the struggle for independence. They sang patriotic songs and recited poems arousing patriotic feeling among the audience. As a mark of respect to the Father of the Nation two minutes silence was observed in the school.

Regional Officer Punjab Zone – A Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Kamra and the Manager of the school Dr. Pushpinder Walia impelled the students to respect the independence they are enjoying and they should always work to maintain peace and harmony in the society.

Dr. Pallavi Sethi Principal of the school paid a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. She motivated the students to follow the path of this great man who personified honesty and dignity. She emphasised that such exemplary leaders leave behind an indelible impression on humanity.

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